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Burgers Burgers: locally sourced burgers but no salt

This week of #52weeksofburger, we went to Prenzlauer Berg to try the second burger of February; meet Burgers Burgers. We chose Burgers Burgers because we have heard very nice things about it, and it had some very nice reviews, but as you will see, it was nothing special.

We got there on a Sunday afternoon, and the venue was very cool looking; they have a beautiful ceiling and, again, your typical Berlin burger joint; small, a few seats, you order, and you grab it later; the menu is on the walls, you know the drill.

It was packed when we arrived, but it got very crowded by the time we left. People ordering to eat there, others for taking out, and a few delivery guys. So it’s not a place to spend some time and have a quiet meal if that’s what you want.

There were a lot of options to choose from, and you can add a few different things to your burger if you wish. I got a Maple Bacon Burger (€ 7.9) with barbecue sauce, salad, red onions, pickles, horseradish, Irish cheddar, maple bacon, caramelized onions, and meat.

I know that all the ingredients are more on the sweet side, but this burger tasted like sugar on a bun and not much else. There was no smokiness or cheesiness, and the texture was all the same.

Our friends got the special of the season (one more point for the Berliner burger joint bingo!), Holee Guacamole (€7.9) with homemade chipotle-mayo, ketchup, red onions, salad, bacon, guacamole, Irish cheddar, and meat. This was quite a bland burger, not bad, but not surprisingly good. One of our friends got one with an egg on it, and it was a wise thing to do cause it added a bit more taste.

Felipe got the Double Cheese (€9.9) with ketchup, salad, red onions, pickles, cheddar, and two patties; this was by far the best of all of them but still not a delicious burger, even though they have their meat, eggs, and bread locally sourced.

The burgers were all a little messy, and they got a bit soggy by the end of the meal.

We ordered a bunch of sides; sweet potato fries (€3,50) that were good tasting but not the crunchiest, onion rings (€3,50) that were the best of the place, and mozzarella sticks (€4.9) that were utterly tasteless.

It got kind of weird because there was a salt shaker on the counter, and then we realized nothing was seasoned, even a bit.

No salt in the meat or in any of the sides, and if you have cooked once in your lifetime, you know that salt makes all the difference to make flavors pop, especially during cooking. Salt is a big part of it, so I don’t think a burger this price should have to be salted by the customer, and even doing so, it ain’t the same as adding the right amount of it in the right part of the process.

We might have been there on a bad day, but it got us down to pay this much for an unseasoned burger with flat sides, especially knowing they are careful when sourcing the ingredients.

We rated Burgers Burgers place a 5/10.

Burgers Burgers in Prenzlauer Berg: locally sourced burgers but no salt

Greifswalder Str. 37, 10405 Berlin

The Double Cheese is €9,9, the sweet potato fries are € 3,50, and the fantastic Störtebeker beer is €2,9.

If you like to eat knowing where your food comes from, this might be interesting, but order a Double Cheeseburger and maybe ask if they can salt the patties on the grill for you.

Camila Irala

Camila Irala

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