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Grindhouse Burger: dry aged burgers in Prenzlauer Berg

Fotostrasse goes to Prenzlauer Berg to try some fancy burgers at Grindhouse Burger for our indulging #52weeksofburger challenge.

Grindhouse Burger was the chosen one this week, based on a very excited analysis of their menu done by myself. As an attempt to spoil ourselves with a nice meal after two slightly unsuccessful weeks of the challenge.

This was the first of all the places we actually made reservations; we got there on a Sunday afternoon in a party of 8 people, so we didn’t want to wait long before reaching our bellies full. I don’t know about you, but I am a phone hater, so the online reservations were a plus.

The place is quite big, nicely decorated and the staff is super friendly, every order was right, but there were a few things on the menu that they didn’t have at the time, like a few of the beers and vanilla ice cream for milkshakes. The burgers here are divided into three categories: the regular burgers of the house, made with 180gr dry aged beef patties, the entrecote gourmet burgers made with dry aged entrecote and more unusual toppings, and veggie burgers, with the famous beyond meat patties.

I ordered the Truffle Heaven (€11,9) with Truffle Entrecôte Beef, tomato, baby spinach, onions, sauteed mushrooms, gruyère, Grindhouse sauce, and truffle buns and it was a very nice burger. The meat was tasty, and they got the point super right, the buns were a little bit too soft, so they soaked a little bit with the sauce, but it wasn’t the messiest of burgers. And even though it was supposed to be a truffle burger, it definitely didn’t taste as much of truffles as I wished with that name (and price! hahaha).

Felipe ordered the Chili Cheese Porn (€11,9) tomato, romaine lettuce, onions, jalapenos, double cheddar, sweet chili mayo, extra hot sauce, and distinctive black buns. His burger was delicious, and you could taste everything in it, even though the black buns are kind of weird looking, this is a big win.

We also got the Truffle Parmesan Fries (€5,9) and the sweet potato fries (€3,9), both come with a sauce of choice, we got garlic and truffle mayo, and they have many more! You can even have a mayo testing if you like. The sides were excellent, but again, could have more truffle taste in those fries! They have a few unique beers that go around €6 and the more common ones like Paulaner (0,5l) for €3,9. We also ordered some milkshakes (€4,5) that were quite small, not very special and after the first one, the vanilla ice cream was over, and they had to use strawberry to do the other two.

Everything tasted outstanding in this place, but they sin when it comes to size, every one of us could eat more, and half of us could eat another full burger easily! Everything comes in small portions, from the burgers to the fries and the milkshakes. I also thought the number of toppings on my burger was a bit shameful, there were like, three tiny slices of mushrooms, three leaves of spinach, if you saw our visit to Zsa Zsa burger, you’ll get what I mean.

Overall, this is a lovely place, especially if you want to relax and chat there for a while. We give our burgers an 8/10.


Kollwitzstraße 50, 10405 Berlin

The fancy dry aged entrecote burgers are €11,9 and the regular ones are around €8. The sides are around €4 and come in very small portions. Paulaner beer (0.5L) is €3,9.

If you like smaller portions and different mayos, this might be for you, but keep in mind it is a bit on the expensive side. The place is great for larger groups and for people that want to relax and chat having a beer after chomping on tasty burgers.

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