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Marienburgerie: cheap burgers in Prenzlauer Berg

So, this week Fotostrasse goes to Prenzlauer Berg for the infamous #52weeksofburgers challenge and visits Marienburgerie. We were meeting some friends nearby and why not to explore what seemed like some good looking burgers.

Marienburgerie is a small place in the homonymous street Marienburger Straße, with a few seats inside and some tables outside to enjoy the weather. You order by the counter, and they bring the food to your table, no big secrets.

Felipe ordered the Marien Burger (€7.50) with double patties, iceberg lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, special homemade sauce, bacon, and cheese. This was an ok burger, the toppings and bread seemed fresh, but the meat tasted like your regular store-bought and frozen burger.

I ordered the Mother’s Finest (€6,50) with iceberg lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, their special sauce, bacon and egg in mustard sauce. This one looked super creative, but the meat once again kind of ruined it, and the mustard sauce was a bit on the overwhelming side.

While we were writing this, we saw that they have the option to have better (Neuland meat) patties for +€1,50 and I am pretty sure this can make these burgers a lot better! We got some sweet potato fries (€3,50) that were alright and beers (€2,50).

Overall, this was a bit disappointing. I really hope the Neuland meat patties are better than what we ate because the regular ones we definitely don’t recommend, and I don’t know why they have those. We rate it a 6/10.


Marienburger Str. 47, 10405 Berlin

The Marien Burger was €7.50, the Sweet Potato Fries were €3,50, and the beer was €2,50.

If you want a quick burger in the area, this might be for you. Keep in mind it might be ideal to order the Neuland meat because the regular one is a bit depressing.

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