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Bacoa Burger: Fantastic burgers in Barcelona

Fotostrasse visits Barcelona for this week’s #52weeksofburgers challenge and meets the surprising Bacoa Burger. When we were looking for a beautiful place to eat burgers in the Catalan city we stumbled upon this burger chain that was super highly rated, nice looking and spread all around the city and that got our curiosity up and our tummies rumbling.

We found one of the many Bacoa Burgers on the city to nibble on a Monday afternoon after walking past the famous Gaudí houses in the Eixample area. All of their stores we stumbled upon were nice looking, and this was a huge one, the concept is also very nice, get in, get a menu (also available in English), mark everything you want with their cute little pencils and just hand it over, this is very well thought of, especially considering how many tourists Barcelona has.

Felipe ordered the decadent Montesa Burger (€9,50) with homemade mayo, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, Grana Padano cheese, black truffle mayo, and seasonal mushrooms ragout. He ordered it with a wholemeal bread (+€0,5) and Entrecote meat (+€2,5). And well, this was simply fantastic; a very rich, tasty, decadent burger and the meatiness of the Entrecote just complimented all of this. I ordered the best-seller La Bacoa (€8,75) with homemade mayo, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, bacon, cheddar, semi-cured cheese, homemade pickles, and artisan mustard.

I got mine with a brioche bun (+€0,5) and organic beef (+€0,5). This burger was one of the most beautiful we have seen so far, and the taste was not a disappointment; super fresh tasting and delicious, and the artisan mustard made all the difference cause it was intense and tart but slightly sweet and it broke all the richness of the burger in a fantastic way.

We also ordered the Bravas Clássicas (€3,95), rustic potato fries with tomato chutney and roast garlic aioli and the Bravas Brutales (€4,50) with roast garlic aioli and chorizo and Catalan sausage relish I also got some truffle mayo because why not. Both were very nice, but I was way more impressed with the sauces than with the potatoes themselves, they really take advantage of the fact they homemade the sauces and condiments and make them super unusual tasting but still very delicious.

They offer an excellent range of soft drinks and artisanal beers as well (around €3,50).

This was the most surprising places we have been, the fact that this was a chain restaurant almost threw me off a bit,  and this is fast food indeed but with amazingly fresh and good quality tasty ingredients. Reading that the owners created this place to get around the country’s crisis using stuff from the nearby market made me understand a bit why they value such quality stuff in their burgers.

We highly recommend Bacoa Burger if you wonder what to eat in Barcelona and rate it a 9/10.


Ronda de la Universitat, 31, 08007 Barcelona, Spain

But there are locations all around Barcelona and a few other cities in Spain

The fantastic La Bacoa is €8,75, the Bravas Clássicas are €3,95, and the beer is €3,50.

If you need a place to have a tasty meal, this is the place for you. Bacoa Burger is spread all around Barcelona, and their food is surprisingly good and made with fantastic ingredients, a great and fast way to replenish after walking around this beautiful city.

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