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The Bird: The Best Patties in Prenzlauer Berg

This week for the #52weeksofburgers challenge Fotostrasse goes to the super famous The Bird. Since we started talking about this project, many people told us that their favourite place was The Bird and I was super excited to check it out.

We made some reservations online and got there on a Saturday evening, the place is quite big, and there is some Motörhead playing which is the vibe the site goes for, the menu calls you out if you order your meat well done or if you eat your burger with a fork and knife (we do agree on both things, listen to them!). Although the menu can seem aggressive for some, the staff was one of the nicest ones we have ever seen around the city.

But, let’s talk about the burgers from the Bird.

They all come with tomato, onion, lettuce, pickles that you can choose to put inside your burger or not (I did put onions and pickles because they rule) and french fries on the side that you can choose to tune up with some chilli cheese (+€3,50) on top, the chips are super crisp and the chilli cheese topping is a real chilli, with meat, beans and all and it tastes incredible.

Felipe ordered the Da Woiks (€14,50) with their fantastic patty, bacon, fried onions, mushrooms and you can choose your cheese, he went with some swiss cheese. This burger was beautiful; everything was well balanced, the meat was perfectly seasoned and cooked and was super high quality. I ordered the Big Rock (€15,00) with a patty, double Swiss cheese, bacon, fresh jalapeños and salsa verde. This was fantastic as well, and the meat was the juiciest meat we ever had here in Berlin.

All the patties in the house are 250g local beef super well handled and quite thick. Damn, that makes a lot of difference, we have seen so many super thin and overworked burgers that I think I had forgotten about how juicy burgers can be. The burgers come in English muffins instead of regular burger buns, an interesting choice that makes sense since they are quite sturdy and don’t fall apart easily. Also, they have a vast range of soft drinks, cocktails and beers.

Now, for the novelty of it, we also ordered the crazy Napalm Wings (€5,50) super intensely spicy wings. And we are talking insane level spice, impossible to eat spice. If you want to trick your friends or challenge yourself, this can be super fun, but we don’t recommend it as proper food.

Overall, this place deserves its fame as one of the most fabulous burger places in Berlin and up until now it is on our top 3 easily. The service was excellent, the burgers are fantastic, but keep in mind you might not have that much time for your table since the place is bustling. We rate it a 9/10.


Am Falkplatz. 5, 10437 Berlin
The Big Rock was €15,00 and it comes with fries and the beer was €4,40.
If you like badass burgers with thick and juicy patties, this place is for you. This was one of the most heavenly places we have been, but keep in mind it might not be the place to spend an entire evening since they make reservations for the tables every 2 hours (or less I believe).

But still, to grab an incredible bite and have a beer, we highly recommend this place.

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