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The High School in Dark: Exploring Winden in Berlin

Most of the action happens there, and it was one of the last places we found around Berlin. Here, you learn more about where to find the high school in Dark, the Netflix series where it seems like time travel is possible.

According to a video we saw from our friends at Canal Alemanizando, the school in Dark is hidden in plain sight in the middle of the Berlin-Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf neighborhood.

On a cold Sunday afternoon, I took a train there to see it and take way too many pictures of this yellow and grey school.

As I imagined, you watched Dark before and know that the high school in Winden is one of the primary locations in the series. But they never mention the name of the school and the type. But, if you imagine that this is Germany, the school probably is a Gesamtschule.

In the real world, the school in Dark is called Reinfelder-Schule, and you can reach it by taking a train to S Messe Süd. After getting there, you need to walk a few blocks, and that is it. There is a map at the end of the article that you can find easily.

The Reinfelder-Schule has a concrete block feel, and it’s all painted in yellow, as you can see in Dark. The school has a fascinating history, and it started back in 1907 in Berlin-Mitte. Dionys Reinfelder founded it, and it was the first state school for the deaf and the hard hearing. In 1976, the school moved to where it is now.

At the beginning of the 1990s, the school started its first integration classes according to the principles and guidelines from Maria Montessori, and disabled children started being accepted there.

I visited the school on a cold Sunday afternoon to avoid taking pictures of the kids that go to school there. It was a great plan since it was empty, and I had all the time in the world to take too many pictures and enjoy being a part of the Dark series.

Reinfelder-Schule: The High School in Dark

Maikäferpfad 30
14055 Berlin

Besides that, we also wrote about a few of the other principal locations in Dark here, like the Winden Cave, the Waldhotel Winden, the church, and the bridge.

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