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The Bridge in Dark and the abandoned train tracks

The location is what we like to call the Bridge in Dark, the weirdest series Netflix has released into the world. When the actions start happening around Winden, a kid is missing. He was selling weed in the school, but nobody seemed to know where he was. A group of kids from the school get together to try to find.

We first visited this bridge by accident in early 2018, and we came back a few more times to explore it even further. Based on the pictures here, you can imagine that it was cold in Berlin, but we managed to walk into the Grunewald forest and take too many pictures of everything there!

In this part of Dark, the year in 2019, everything happens in this generical German town called Winden. The first sign of action the series occurs when he disappears. Which is kind of odd since he was, also, the only kid selling weed in school. Was he caught by the police? Did his dealer kidnap him?

Nobody knows for sure, but some of his friends decide to get together and form a group and get his stash of drugs. They follow some abandoned train tracks and go deeper into the forest surrounding Winden. There, they find a cave that is the source of everything crazy that happens in the series Dark.

When they enter this weird cave looking for drugs, some odd noises come out of nowhere, and their flashlights start to flicker and blink like crazy. This makes everybody scared, and they run in different directions. When they get together again, one of the kids is missing, and the bridge in Dark appears one more time.

The beginning of Dark happens in the same place, the middle of the Grunewald forest, in the edge of the Berlin district known as Steglitz-Zehlendorf. The train tracks that the kids follow in the series are part of an abandoned railroad that connects to one of the largest cemeteries in Germany: Südwestkirchhof Stahnsdorf.

Also, there you can find the church in Dark, where Jonas meets Noah for the first time.

But, back to the train tracks! They used to be known as the Friedhofsbahn, and they used to connect the Wannsee train station to the town of Stahnsdorf and the Südwestkirchhof Stahnsdorf cemetery. But, everything was abandoned in 1952 after the last train took its route into Stahnsdorf. Now, everything you see is being taken over by nature.

From the bridge in Dark, you can look down at the abandoned train tracks. Around the area, there goes a hiking route called Königsweg that was once used as a military path between Berlin and Potsdam, all the way back in the 1870s.

We visited the area by accident on our way through the forest while we tried to find an unusual path to Südwestkirchhof Stahnsdorf. For us, it was quite impressive to be sitting at home, watching a series about time travel and, a couple of weeks later, be at one of the central locations from the series.

In the pictures here, you can see that the bridge in Dark overlooks the abandoned train tracks. You can imagine how the people behind Dark did some movie magic to make it look like it is on your screen.

If you want to visit the bridge in Dark, you should follow the map below and be prepared to walk in the middle of the forest for a while. It’s not hard; it’s just a weird place. Besides that, we also wrote about a few of the other principal locations in Dark here, like the Winden Cave, the Waldhotel Winden, the school, and the church.

The Bridge in Dark and the abandoned train tracks

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