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Where can we find the Waldhotel Winden from Dark?

Since you’re reading this, I imagined that you have watched the Netflix series Dark. Maybe, you have wondered about where you can find the Waldhotel Winden from Dark? If this is your case, this article is for you.

The Waldhotel Winden from Dark appears at the beginning of the series as a hotel in Winden, and it’s operated by Regina Tiedemann in the present, which would be in 2019. When the series evolves, and it goes back to 1953, you can see that the house belonged to the Doppler Family. This is where Helge lives with his strict mother.

When Dark turns back to 1986, you can see that the property is still in the hands of the Doppler family. Since Claudia Tiedemann visits the area while looking for more information about the incident at the nuclear power plant. Somewhere between those years, the house was converted into a hotel, but I don’t know where.

Back in January of 2020, I visited the place with the fantastic guys from Alemanizando, Elissa, and Rodrigo. We have been looking for Dark locations for a while now, and we were helping each other look for the school, the church, the bridge, and the cave in Dark. This is why we ended up going out to look for the Waldhotel Winden from Dark.

One of my favorite scenes from the first season of Dark happens in the Waldhotel Winden. It occurs when Regina Tiedemann is surprised by the arrival of a hooded stranger that asks for a room. A few days later, the stranger leaves the room and says that he will return soon. When Regina enters the room, she is surprised by the fact that the walls are covered in photographs, clippings ad notes about the people that disappeared in Winden and time travel.

Schloss Lanke is the Waldhotel Winden from Dark

The exterior shots from the hotel were done at the Schloss Lanke in Brandenburg. It used to belong to Count Friedrich Wilhelm von Redern, but it was sold to the City of Berlin for 20 Million Marks back in 1914. After that, the location was used in different ways.

During the Second World War, it was part of the Reichsarbeitsdienst, an organization created in Nazi Germany to help mitigate the effects of unemployment on the German economy. After the war, the location became a hospital, then a Soviet Command Post, and, finally, a hospital again. In 2006, Schloss Lanke was sold by the City of Berlin, and it has been privately owned since then.

Today, the area is known as Schloss Lanke, and it functions as a vacation rental place and event space.

There is a bus stop in front of the place, and this is how we managed to find our way there. We took some pictures from the edge of the property, but once we crossed the gates, we were politely told to come back and not take photos since this is private property. After that, we left, but it was quite interesting to see the building and imagine how it turned into the Waldhotel Winden from Dark.

If you want to visit the place as well, take a look at the address below and follow the map.

Where can we find the Waldhotel Winden from Dark?

Schloss Lanke – Lanker Dorfstraße 10
16348 Wandlitz – Brandenburg

Besides that, we also wrote about a few of the other principal locations in Dark here, like the Winden Cave, the church, and the bridge.

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