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Lager Lager: Our Favorite Craft Beer Bar in Kreuzkölln

Lager Lager is a craft beer bar almost hidden in a quiet street in the booming neighborhood that some people like to call Kreuzkölln. This is one of the many examples of how the craft beer scene in Berlin is vibrant and has experienced an excellent number of bars opening in town.

But this place is a little bit different, and this is why we go there way more than we should.

The bar was found by Robyn Anderson and André Gifkins because they felt like their Neukölln missed a craft beer bar. They saw this as a problem and decided to fix it by themselves.

This was back in 2015, and we have been going there since the early days.

If you wanna have beers at Lager Lager, you have two choices. You can go for the beers on the shelves or the ones from the tap. On the shelves, you will see a great variety of beers from Germany, Australia, the United Kingdom, Estonia, and many other countries.

They even have some of the beers we had when we visited Beerfabrik a couple of years ago. 

On tap, there are even more choices, and we love when they have a tap take over from different breweries. The last time we were there, also the time where we took some of the pictures here, the beers were mainly from Partizan Brewing in the UK, and it was great!

This is more than just a bar. It’s a mixture of a craft beer bar and a shop, and some people even call the place a tasting room. But we are not that fancy, but it makes sense based on the many beer tasting events they host.

One of our favorite things here are the growlers that you can buy there. Those are pressurized jugs of a craft beer of your choice, and you can take them home and enjoy your favorite beer in the comfort of your house.

We have one, and we refill it quite often. It’s always great to go there in the summer, fill it up and go enjoy the canals close by with some great beers!

Lager Lager can be found on Plügerstrasse in Neukölln. You can easily arrive there by subway taking the U-8 straight into Schönleinstrasse and walking for 5 minutes. It’s that easy. Inside, the service is beyond, and they accept cards, something quite unique for Berlin. And it’s smoke-free, which is amazing!

If you are looking for more craft beer bars to try in Berlin, we have an article for you.

Lager Lager: Our Favorite Craft Beer Bar in Kreuzkölln

Plügerstrasse 68 — Neukölln, Berlin

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