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Burgerzimmer IV: Halal burgers in Neukölln

So, this week of the #52weeksofburgers challenge, we get lazy around Neukölln and go to Burgerzimmer IV. Very close to the Boddinstraße U-Bahn station is one of many Burgerzimmers around the city, the place is bigger than most and looks a lot like your regular donner shop. As usual, you order your food, and you grab it when it’s done.

We got there on a Wednesday evening, and since it was super hot, we enjoyed the big tables on the outside. They have three burger sizes here; L (150g), XL (300g), and XXL (450g). The very hopeful me got tricked by this and got excited for a minute that these were all one patty options, but no, it is just one, two or three patties.

Felipe ordered the XXL Tex-Mex (€9,20), with three patties, chili sauce, jalapeños, onion, pickles, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and ketchup. The meat in this place is a very, very frozen premade patty like; dense, overworked and, seasoned in a savory way that overwhelms the meat taste. I ordered the XL Burger in Blau (€ 7,80) with two patties, blue cheese, walnuts, pesto, currant jam, tomato, lettuce, and another sauce we did not recognize. The patties were a bit of a problem here as well because the spices in them didn’t match the other flavors at all, just as the mysterious sauce.

Although none of them were 100% terrible, Felipe’s was still better because the flavors worked better/were disguised by the spiciness of it. So if I would ever eat at Burgerzimmer IV again, I would get the large Tex Mex (no one needs more patties here) and loads of sides!

We also got some Kartoffel Ecken (€ 2,90) that were crunchy and super tasty and Chilli Cheese Nuggets (€ 3,80 for six pieces) that are just a deep-fried ball of cheddar like cheese with bits of jalapeño. Both of these were incredible, and I can imagine myself ordering them by themselves to be honest. This place has your regular soft drinks for less then €2,50 and no beer, but Muted Horn is one block away!

Overall, Burgerzimmer IV was not terrible, but we wouldn’t come back for the burgers. The sides might be beautiful if I was hungry and wanted something naughty and quick, but I wouldn’t say it is worth getting out of your tracks to eat here. But if you are looking for Halal Burgers, it might be perfect for you! We rate it a 7/10.


Hermannstraße 232, 12049 Berlin

The XXL Tex-Mex was €9.20, the Kartoffel Ecken were €2,90, and the soft drinks are less then €2,50.

If you want a halal burger, and delicious sides, this might be for you! But for us, the patties were not delicious and a bit on the expensive side.

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