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Supreme Burger: Juicy Burgers in Mitte

We went to Mitte and munched at the Supreme Burger for the #52weeksofburgers challenge this week. Supreme has excellent reviews, and we were a bit unsure about it since it seemed aimed towards tourists, but to hell with it, and we happily gave it a try.

And we loved it.

We got there on a Tuesday evening, and we had to wait a bit to get seated; the staff was lovely, and we could order our drinks and sit in the bar while our table was prepared. The place has a lot of space, but since the area attracts the correct number of people, getting a reservation might be a good idea.

I have to say that this was the fastest place to bring our food; it was surprisingly quick, and we appreciate it.

Felipe got the Eastside Burger (€13) with a 200gr patty, American-style cheese, bacon, jalapeños, and a fried egg. This was amazing; the cheese was super tasty and melted quite creamy, and the jalapeños were fresh and not pickled as usual here in Berlin.

This was one of the few places that asked how we wanted our meat, and oh boy, it was terrific, super juicy, and tasty. I got the Good Morning Burger (€12,50) with the 200gr patty, American-style cheese, bacon, and a fried egg; our burgers were similar. But the jalapeños in Felipe’s made a lot of difference; in mine, the egg was the star, and oh boy, it was tasty.

The burger comes served with homemade fries, ketchup, mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion, and a pickle, so you can dress your burger as you wish or eat it on the side. I got Sweet Potato Fries (+€1) instead of the regular ones, and both were homemade and delicious.

They have various drinks; we got sparkling water (€2,50/250ml) and a beer (€4,50/500ml).

Overall, this was very nice; the food was fast and super tasty, and the staff was friendly. We didn’t love the decor and music, but the burgers distracted us from it.

We rate it an 8/10.


Oranienburger Str. 26, 10117 Berlin

The Eastside burger with fries was €13, and the beer was €4,50 for 500ml.

This might be for you if you want an excellent burger while walking around Mitte. The burgers are tasty, juicy, and moderately priced for their quality. The decor and music were not our favorites, but the food was good enough to distract us from it.

Camila Irala

Camila Irala

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