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Our Favorite Places to Stay in Berlin

Since we live in Berlin, we always have friends asking us where to stay when they come to visit us in Berlin. Due to that, we decided to test some hotels around the city, and this is the list of our favorite places to stay in Berlin.

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On this list, you will learn about places in Neukölln, where you can sleep inside caravans in one of the most unique hotels we have ever stayed. There is a hotel in one of the coolest places in the city, the heart of Rosenthaler Platz. There is one overlooking West Berlin, right next to most of the tourist spots in that part of the town.

Without further talk, let’s start with the list of our favorite places to stay in Berlin.

25Hours Hotel in West Berlin

The 25Hours Hotel Berlin is a boutique hotel with bikes hanging from the ceiling and neon signs. When the door behind you close, you’re inside their world where everything is fashionable and fresh.

The hotel has close to 150 rooms inside a modernist building from 1950. Our room there overlooked the Europa Center, and we could see the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church from our bed! Inside there is a mixture of wood, steel, and concrete with drawings on the walls. Inside, there is a mini bar and a big screen tv that might be attractive to those who need to sleep with some sound around, like me.

In the end, our stay at 25hours Hotel Berlin was beyond fantastic with an extensive breakfast with a beautiful view of West Berlin. Our room was great, and it had one of the best beds I ever slept before. The shower was so good that I wanted to have one like this in my house. Yeah, 25hours Hotel Berlin is excellent, and you should stay there when you revisit Berlin.

Circus Hotel in Rosenthaler Platz

If you are looking for a place to stay in Mitte, Circus Hotel might be the place for you. Located in the young and hip Rosenthaler Platz, the hotel is so close to the U-Bahn, and you don’t even need to cross the street to take a train and explore Berlin.

Circus Hotel offers lovely and spacious rooms, a great bar downstairs with coffee and cake for those who like coffee and cake and delicious drinks for those who love tasty beverages! The rooms are focused on design, elegance, simplicity and being green.

In general, the Circus Hotel is great, and you’ll have a wonderful time there. The breakfast is yummy, and you can find many options of fresh and warm German bread and many fruits and beverages. You can even have your morning coffee in their magical internal garden – and you should!

Hüttenpalast in Neukölln

Hüttenpalast is a beautiful oasis in the heart of Neukölln, close to Hermannplatz. This hotel is perfect for those who always wanted to camp in the middle of a city without worrying about the camping side of things.

Inside the Hüttenpalast, the rooms are made of old caravans and wooden huts but there are more traditional ones there as well. The hotel consists of 3 parts: 2 huge lofts filled up with vintage trailers and cute cabins and 1 part of standard hotel rooms but, of course, we spent our night between trailers and cabins.

The hotel is unique and splendid. It is definitely a mandatory stop for every person that is tired of chain hotels and the lack of personality in most hotels around the city! If this matches your vision when traveling, this place is made for you.

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