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BURGERAMT: Manioc fries in Friedrichshain

Fotostrasse indulges in Friedrichshain for this week of the #52weeksofburgers challenge. Burgeramt was in our radar for a while, and we got there on a hot Thursday afternoon. The place is quite big, but summer is still here, and the area is famous for food, so we had to wait to get a table.

The decor is super busy looking with many posters on the walls, and we sat close to a projector that showed popular 90’s and early 2000s hip hop videos. Service was quite lovely, and they bring you some popcorn when you sit, unexpected but well, why not?

Felipe ordered the Cheat Day Burger (€ 10,90) with two patties, chili cheese sauce, double cheddar, bacon, nachos, remoulade, onions, and mustard. This was very tasty and juicy, the meat was delicious and felt and tasted like real meat, not overworked at all.

I ordered the Blue Magic (€ 7,90) with blue cheese, lingonberry jam, walnuts, and mayo. The mayo here doesn’t make a lot of sense since it weirdly dilutes the cheese, but the burger is excellent overall, mainly because it is made with good quality ingredients. I would probably add some bacon in this, and I feel like it would give a nice layer of flavor and saltiness since the meat was not very seasoned.

We got some Yuka Loca (€5,50) manioc fries served with guacamole and Nutty Sweet Potato Fries (€6,00). The manioc fries were beautifully done and super nostalgic to us since we have it a lot in Brazil, but I don’t feel like guacamole is the best to go with it (maybe the mayo from my burger would work wonders here?). The Nutty fries were a bit heavy on the sauce and ended up being too sweet, but to share they tasted quite good.

They have some excellent beers (€3,80) and the regular soft drinks ( around €3) to kill your thirst as well. Overall, these burgers were right up our alleys, real meat patties and tasty toppings, but I still feel there is room for improvement, maybe seasoning their meats a little bit better for example. The sides and drinks are more on the expensive side, so keep that in mind. We rate it an 8/10.


Krossener Str. 21-22, 10245 Berlin

The Blue Magic was €7.90, the Nutty Sweet Potato Fries were €6,00, and the beer was €3,80.

If you want an excellent burger with real meat, this is for you. Keep in mind sides, and drinks are not that cheap, and if you’re going to be organized, reservations might be useful!

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