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Strassenbräu: Challenging Beer Norms in Friedrichshain 

Strassenbräu is a craft beer bar in Friedrichshain with one of the most exciting menus in the bars around town. Whether a beer curious or a pro, you’ll like to try out the entire list there. I know we almost did this when we first visited the place.

The craft beer bar and brewery opened to the public in 2015. Its founder, Timo Thoennißen, has a mission to bring different beers, ales, stouts, and anything else possible to Berlin beer drinkers. They are doing this with great success, as you can see in the picture we took there on a cold November night.

Strassenbräu Berlin: Experimental Craft Beer Haven in Friedrichshain

But you might be wondering what the difference is between Strassenbräu and every other craft beer bar Berlin has to offer. Our visits there felt more experimental than average. We might think this is the work of Head Brewer Sebastian Pfister, who even teaches you how to brew beer there. You can take a look at the brewing courses here.

Since Neue Bahnhofstrasse brews its own beers, it has all the tools to challenge German beer orthodoxy, which is why we went there at first. Of course, it has some international beers on its taps. However, unlike other craft beer bars we covered here, Strassenbräu focuses on its own beers. Since they are great, I can totally understand this way of thinking.

Since they make beers onsite, the bar looks a little bit different, and you sit among the brewing tanks and kegs where the beer is brewed. This gave this craft beer bar in Friedrichshain a unique atmosphere that I really enjoyed.

They offer beer tastings, teach you how to brew your own beer, and allow you to take home a one-liter bottle of Strassenbräu’s beers. If you don’t know Strassenbräu, you know now that you must drink some beers there.

Strassenbräu can be found on the map below. It is open from 17:00 until 01:00 Monday through Thursday, 14:00 to 02:00 Friday and Saturday, and 14:00 to 01:00 Sunday. Craft beers are also available.

Since we think beers might be your thing, we have an article for you if you want more craft beer bars to try in Berlin.

Strassenbräu Craft Beer Bar: A brewery with experimentation on the Menu

Neue Bahnhofstr.30, 10245

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