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Where to Eat in Berlin

36 Hours in Neukölln: Berlin Coolest Neighborhood - After lunch, I’d take a walk around the area with a beer in my hand and explore the beauty of the Landwehrkanal that splits Neukölln from Kreuzberg. It’s easy to sit by the water and have some brews while you see the trees, the boats and the people walking by. It’s one of my favorite pastimes during the summer months, and I feel like you should try it as well.

36 Hours in Neukölln: Exploring Berlin’s Coolest Neighborhood

From time to time, I see lists that mention how cool Neukölln is, and every time I read these lists, they suggest, pretty much, the same places over and over again. Based on that, I decided to put my years of living in Neukölln as proof that I know the neighborhood well enough to come up with a guide. A simple guide, 36 hours in Neukölln, where you don’t leave the community and see everything that I believe you need to see here.