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The Butcher: fancy burgers in Charlottenburg

This week of the #52weeksofburgers challenge, we take Fotostrasse to chomp some fancy burgers at The Butcher.

The Butcher seemed to have one of the most beautiful burgers we saw while researching online, with a very surprising thick patty that we have been missing for a while, so we had to check it out. We made reservations and got there on a sunny Sunday evening. The place surprised us by being way bigger and fancier than we expected, it looks like the house of that wealthy and artsy friend that you don’t want to ruin any furniture when you get drunk around.

Felipe ordered The Daddy (€12,50) with a 230g prime Aberdeen Angus beef patty, Edam cheese, lettuce, tomato, bacon, BBQ sauce, and grilled onion, this burger was significant, the meat was super juicy and the ingredients were clearly amazing quality but we felt like it was missing something, maybe some salt in the meat, or perhaps a bit of spice.

I ordered the Truffle Burger (€9,95) with the same patty but smaller, lettuce, tomato, grilled onion, and truffle mayo. The meat here was also very delicious, but I also missed a bit of salt in the patty (and maybe on the tomato too), also lost a stronger flavour in something, both burgers were super high quality but could be even more delicious.

We also got some Sweet Potato Fries (€4,90) with some extra Truffle Sauce (+€1,00) and some regular french fries (€3,00) and everything was perfect, the portions were medium sized. They have a tasty variety of beers, soft drinks (including milkshakes!) and alcoholic drinks also.
Overall this is an excellent place, especially if you want a fancier vibe than the usual Berliner experience. The staff is super helpful, the site is beautiful, and the ingredients are super high quality. We would rate this an 8/10.


Kantstraße 144, 10623 Berlin
The Truffle Burger is €9.95, the Sweet Potato Fries are €4,90, and the drinks are around €6,00
If you enjoy high-quality ingredients and don’t mind paying a bit more for it, this place is for you. This place is beautiful, the burgers are good (but could be a bit more flavorful), and the staff is super friendly.

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