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Our Favorite Burgers in Kreuzberg

Since January 2019, we have been exploring burger places in and around Berlin. Some of them were great, some of them were mediocre, but this experience thought us a lot about hamburgers, for real. Based on all this experience, we decided it was time to tell you our favorite burgers in Kreuzberg.

This list our favorite burgers in Kreuzberg is in no particular order. We just placed them here based on when we remembered them. Every one of these places was above average, and you should go there and eat everything you can.

Kumpel & Keule at Markethalle Neun in Kreuzberg

Kumpel & Keule is a butcher shop dedicated to bringing back the art of butchery, and they do this magically with their amazing burgers at Markethalle Neun in Kreuzberg. We arrived there on a Thursday afternoon, one of the days they serve the lovely burgers straight out a window of the stall. We were quite surprised that they only had one choice of burgers but, later we found out that it was more than enough.

The burgers at Kumpel & Keule are simple but made with fantastic ingredients, and they taste amazing. You should definitely go there.

Vegetarian Burgers at Der Vegetarische Metzger

Can you imagine how a vegetarian burger shop would look like? If you never thought about that, you have one more reason to visit the Der Vegetarische Metzger! This place has great vegan and vegetarian options, and every burger on the menu comes with fries, a dip, and a soft drink if you want to be practical.

The Der Vegetarische Metzger is a great looking place, their staff is friendly and the burgers you’ll have there is fantastic and super full-filling. If you’re interested in vegetarian burgers in Kreuzberg, this place was made for you.

Burgermeister at Schlesisches Tor

Burgermeister is one of the most famous burger places in Berlin and one of the few burger places that appear in every tourist guide we have ever read. The burgers here are great, but this little burger venue under a bridge is legendary mostly because it is situated inside an old public toilet. But we always remember it because of the enormous lines of hungry tourists that form by it.

The burger place at Schlesisches Tor is definitely not your everyday one. Most times you will wait in line for at least half an hour to order what you want and maybe wait for your burger for more 20 minutes or more. You won’t find any seats there, just some funky tubes with a bit of padding. And they’re not so many so you might need to fight for them, we were lucky to get a corner in a standing table with other people.

The menu is small, and there you’ll find eight types of burgers, and one of them is a vegetarian one. And those burgers are super delicious with fresh ingredients and with fantastic flavors.

Angry Chicken on Oranienplatz

We didn’t know that Angry Chicken had burgers until we pass by it on the way to a bar on Oranienplatz. They are famous for their amazing hot wings, but we decided to see how great are their burgers, and we made the right choice.

We got there on a Monday evening, and this place is the classic you-order-and-you-grab-it. Angry Chicken is slightly bigger than most locations in Berlin, but still has the same busy visual aesthetics that most burgers places in Berlin have.

The burgers here are great, and we order some chicken wings to add even more flavor to our dinner. And we cannot complain about anything here. You should definitely go there.

Hamburger Heaven next to the Landwehr Canal

On a warm afternoon, we decided to take a walk and explore the burgers at Hamburger Heaven, a small burger gem located between the Landwehr Canal and Kottbusser Damm. Hamburger Heaven is nothing more than a window to the street. There is a menu printed out in the glass, many seats on the outside and supposedly a few on the inside now as well. The burgers there are fantastic, and they are cheaper than usual, showing that you don’t need to overcharge for a burger like we sometimes see around town.

Hamburger Heaven has a super friendly staff, good burgers for the price you pay and no hype; just great beers and burgers. You should eat their burgers.

If you are not content with just this five burgers in Kreuzberg. You should read what we wrote about Windburger and Pacifico Buns and Bowls. They are tremendous and missed this list for little.

Our Favorite Burgers in Kreuzberg

For us, 2019 is the year of burgers, and we have been writing about all our experiences on this here. You should check it out.

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