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Pacifico Buns and Bowls: Kimchi burgers in Kreuzberg

Fotostrasse eats its way around another week of the #52weeksofburgers challenge in Kreuzberg with the Pacifico Buns and Bowls. Felipe had visited this place a few times and liked it, so why not visit our loved Modulor (a delightful shop full of fresh stationery items) and enjoy a burger afterward in a lovely Tuesday afternoon.

This place is quite nice looking, and they have a terrace to sit when it’s warm and a few spots inside with a view from the street. As usual, you order it, and the number of your order is called for you to pick it up (the system is a bit noisy but nothing too annoying). I have to say the menu was quite refreshing to see; in an ocean of chili cheese and bbq burgers that Berlin is, they do have a few different things.

Felipe ordered the Blue Range Burger (€6,90) with double patty (+€2), blue cheese, ranch sauce, salad, and onion. This was super tasty, it is great to taste a burger with real blue cheese, and the ranch sauce adds to the savouriness of it gracefully. The patties are well done as usual in this city but were still juicy overall.

I got the Kimcheezy Burger (€6,90) with a black Angus patty (+€3,5), cheddar, kimchi, egg, goju (Gochujang; a delicious Korean spicy fermented paste) and salad. This tasted amazing, the slight spiciness of the gochujang and the kimchi with the richness of the cheddar, mayo, and egg went together super nicely. The patty wasn’t very hot, which makes me think they have it frozen, so I would probably go with the standard patties. The bread in both burgers was delicious and slightly toasted, very lovely.

We also got the Bulgogi Kimchi Fries (€8) with regular and sweet potato fries, kimchi, bulgogi beef, and goju mayo these tasted amazing as well. But I wouldn’t call the meat proper bulgogi, it looked more like a dry roast then the juicy slices of marinated beef bulgogi usually is. But I would still order this again because it tasted delicious.

They have a few beers and soft drinks, we got an unfiltered lager (€5,3 for 0,5l) that was nice but filled us up a bit too much considering all the food (our mistake).

Overall, this was a delicious meal, but keep in mind that the reviews on google are a bit rough, which makes me think they might not be so consistent at busier hours and I would like a good meal at that price range. We rate it a 7/10.

Prinzenstraße 84.1, Moritzplatz, 10969 Berlin

The Kimcheezy was €6,90, the Bulgogi Kimchi Fries were €8,00, and the lager was €5,30 (500ml).

If you want different burgers than usual with a lot of flavors, this might be for you. Keep in mind they might be inconsistent in busier hours and are not the cheapest, but we enjoyed it and probably would go back!

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