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Kumpel & Keule Speisewirtschaft: Amazing Burgers in Kreuzberg

For another week of the #52weeksofburgers challenge, Fotostrasse visits the fancy Kumpel & Keule Speisewirtschaft in Kreuzberg. We visited the Kumpel & Keule stand in Markethalle Neun in September, and since then, we have been curious about their proper restaurant near Gorlitzer Park. Since this was the week of my birthday and I wanted a beautiful place to eat, we decided to pamper ourselves and try this place out.

We got there on a Friday evening, the place is beautiful and has only a few big tables, so I would highly recommend making reservations, especially on weekends. This has to be the best service we’ve seen in a long time. The staff is simply delightful, and I felt I could not have chosen a better place to spend a special night.

We had two starters, the Tatare (€14) with lovely roasted capers and a cured yolk, and the Goose Taco (€9) with Gooseberries and mulled wine sauce. Both were beautiful, with exciting and robust flavors.

Felipe ordered the Goose Burger (€13) a pulled pork style goose meat in a cranberry sauce with Italian cabbage and pickles in a Sironi Bun. This was delicious, sweet, and tangy, and the meat taste is very rich in a lovely way.

I felt like it wasn’t as surprising as it could be since we had the goose tacos as an entree, and they have a similar flavor profile. And we were hoping for a goose patty, but still a beautiful dish.

I got the traditional Dry Aged Classic Burger (€11)with a dry-aged beef patty, extra bacon (+€2), ox heart tomato, lamb’s lettuce in a Sironi Bun. This is the king of the burgers for me! It is one of the most delicious and balanced burgers we had in this year-long burger challenge.


As for sides, we got their Fat Carrots (€8) with fried carrots and a delicious mango sauce, and we also got their Fries (€6) with their simply phenomenal pear and goose fat mayo. Hear me out: this is out of this world. Super decadent and flavorful, what a treat.

We had the Schmalzkuss (€10) a creamy chocolate mousse with a crumble made with lard, an unexpected dessert, but quite delicious. They have soft drinks, beers, wine, schnapps, and cocktails for all tastebuds.

Overall, this is a fantastic place for a special date or just a gastronomic extravaganza. The food is of high quality and beautifully done, the service is excellent, and we cannot wait to come back and have the steaks!

The price is higher than in most places, but for the quality, I feel it is correctly priced. Keep in mind nothing here is vegan/vegetarian-friendly. We rate it a 10/10.


Skalitzer Str. 97, 10997 Berlin Dry Aged Beef burger with bacon was €13, the Fries were €6, and the Beer is around €4.If you want a beautiful meal in a nice place, with high-quality ingredients, a delightful atmosphere, and fantastic service, this is for you. Keep in mind this is not vegetarian-friendly at all, even the desserts have lard (but they are delicious!).

Camila Irala

Camila Irala

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