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Schiller Burger: simple burgers in Neukölln

In this week of the particular quest of trying to find the best burgers around, also known as the #52weeksofburgers challenge, we visit the famous Schiller Burger.

Schiller burger is quite popular in Berlin, and it has excellent ratings all around, so we could not escape doing this place a visit. This hits most of the Berliner burger venue bingo; small, full of stickers on the walls, menu on a blackboard over the counter, paper towels for the messy eaters, etc… Schiller is also super well located very close to the entrance of the Tempelhofer Feld, one of my favourite spots to cycle around on a beautiful day.

But let’s go back to the food, this time Felipe ordered the Thalia (€ 7,80) with an extra patty (+€2), salad, tomatoes, roasted peppers, honey mustard and ziegenkäse (the delicious goat’s cheese you can find everywhere here in Germany). This was a nice burger, the goat’s cheese always pairs well with meat and the sauce was on point on quantity and taste.

I ordered the Phils Burger (€7,80) with one patty, avocado, tomato, onions, bacon, and blue cheese. I thought this was very bland, as the avocado had no seasoning on it and, to be honest, I tasted absolutely no blue cheese, mainly because a bit of it would have taken a good part of that blandness away. It also had a bizarre amount of sauces that swept all the chances of this being a tasty burger, it tasted basically of ketchup, and my patty was kind of cold. The meat here was overworked and sturdy, but the bread was ok.

We also got Mix Pommes (€3,50) and Chicken Fingers (€3,50) this were good, especially the chicken fingers that were made with chicken breasts and were very juicy.

Overall, the experience was not terrible, the staff is friendly, the place looks cool and is super well located, but my burger was not good at all, and Felipe’s was acceptable. I would not come back or recommend this place, considering that the price doesn’t excuse such a mediocre burger. We rate this a 5/10.


Herrfurthstraße 7, 12049 Berlin

The Thalia Burger is €7,80, the Mix Pommes is €3,50, and the drinks are around €3.

If you are around the area and want to munch on something, this might be for you. But keep in mind our experience here was not the worst, but for us, it is not the best value for money.

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