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Lily Burger: delicious treats in Neukölln

This week for the #52weeksofburgers challenge Fotostrasse explores one of the most decadent burger places in Berlin: Lily Burger.

Lily Burger is famous for having completely absurd and giant burgers, but we wanted to see how their basic burgers were like. There are two spots around the city, one in Friedrichshain and the one we went in Neukölln; this one is quite big but still has the classic aesthetics of many burger shops here; that kind of messy urban style.

Felipe ordered the Che Guevara (€5,90) a cheeseburger with jalapeños and honey mustard, and I got the FBI New York (€5,50); the cheeseburger of the house. Both were surprisingly tasty, the patties were super well seasoned, there was enough of the sauces to make the burger better but not so much it overwhelmed the taste and got soggy. The bread was soft and chewy in an excellent way and held everything up super nicely. Both sandwiches were perfectly sized and came with a sweet pickle on the top to munch before you attack.

We ordered our burgers in their meal system. Mine was the Lily Sis, where I could get my burger, medium fries with one of the toppings and a drink (soft drink or beer) for €9,50, and Felipe got his Lily Bro where his burger, one of the finger foods with a topping and a beer was €11,50, and they have another one where your burger can be doubled in size. The menu is a bit confusing (especially if you are hungry), but the staff is so lovely that they will surely help you out if you have a hunger brain fog.

Our sides were huge, we got some sweet potato fries with honey mustard and jalapeños and some bacon onion rings with cheese sauce and bacon on top. Both were delicious, but the bacon onion rings where huge and a bit too decadent for me, I would probably choose regular onion rings the next time, their batter is fantastic, super crunchy and I love that. All the bacon here is beef and not pork.

Overall, this place was a fantastic surprise, the food was super tasty and well seasoned, the prices are fantastic, and the staff is super friendly. We rate it a 7/10.


Erkstraße 4, 12043 Berlin

The FBI New York is €5,50, the Sweet Potato Fries are €3,90, the drinks are around €3,00, and the Lily Sis (the small menu) for the cheeseburger is €9,90.

If you enjoy reasonably priced and tasty food, this place is for you. Keep in mind this is not fancy dining or gourmet burgers; this is a great place to grab a bite and indulge yourself a bit without breaking the bank. The staff is super friendly, and the location is quite big, and that makes it all a bit more comfortable.

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