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Schone Burger: Great Beetroot Fries in Berlin-Schöneberg

For our love-handle-booster #52weeksofburger challenge this week, we visited the colorful Schone Burger in Schöneberg. The whole idea of the challenge was to find lovely places that nobody talked that much about, and this is what happened this time.

Since we would go to an exhibition in the excellent Urban Nation museum, we decided it was time for us to get a burger in the area and explore the Schöne Burger since they had something entirely unexpected: beetroot fries.

This is a small place, painted with rainbow flags and a few places in and out. You order, and you get it in the counter, one guy does all the burgers and fries in front of you.

Felipe ordered the Smoky Cow (€ 8) with a beef patty, bacon, pickles, salad, cheddar, homemade BBQ sauce, and braised onions. This was a tasty but simple burger, the barbecue sauce was great, not overwhelming at all, the meat was beautiful and delicious but more on the thinner side, but everything was quite well balanced.

I got the Stinky Blue (€8,5) with a beef patty, truffle mayo, gorgonzola, spinach, red onions, and some baked pear. Damn, what a tasty burger; the truffle mayo was terrific, and all the flavours were fantastic here, the only thing I would change would be to slice the pear a bit more, but I loved the taste of it in the burger. The bread is the only thing that is not amazing, but it doesn’t harm the burger.

The meat here is excellent, and I am starting to think the thin patties are a local thing and if you are a meat lover in Berlin, consider ordering double patties in most places.

We ordered some Cheese Fries (€4,5) with simple cheese sauce and jalapeños, there were nice but nothing special, some Beetroot Fries (€3,5) that were seriously delicious (order them with the truffle mayo or some aioli, nom nom nom) and the Bucket La Paz (€5,9 for 3 meatballs) with guacamole, meatballs, tomato sauce, jalapeños and crunchy onions on top, this was nothing unusual for me, but Felipe loved the sauce to dip the beetroot fries in. This place also has a great variety of soft drinks and beers around €3 each.

Overall, this was a great find; I would come back for more of the Stinky Blue and the Beetroot Fries, they were really delicious. I would rate Schone Burger an 8/10.


Goltzstraße 24, 10781 Berlin

The decadent Stinky Blue is €8,50, the Beetroot Fries are €3,50, and the drinks are around €3. If you are into decadent burgers and unusual fries but want a quick bite, this place is for you. 

This is definitely not a place to stay for hours; you mostly eat and go, but it is worth a try!

Camila Irala

Camila Irala

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