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Hackbert Burger: the best mayo and fries

This week in our beautiful #52WeeksofBurgers journey we decided to go local and check out Hackbert Burger. If you search for burgers in Neukölln you will find this place as one of the top rated ones, so we had to go and see what it’s all about.

Hackbert is a burger joint in the very familiar Berliner style; small, many things going on around the walls, a special burger of the month, few tables inside and outside and the menu is on a blackboard behind the counter. We got there on a grey Sunday afternoon, and it wasn’t crowded, but it definitely was full, but our orders got to us super quick.

I ordered the Cheeseburger (€ 6,50) that comes with mayo, ketchup, mustard, pickles, and cheddar. Felipe ordered the season special Gorgonzola Burger (€ 7,50) with mayo, tomato, lettuce, arugula, gorgonzola, plum jam, and walnuts. And this was the first underwhelming burgers of the challenge; the meat was a little bland, and the sauces didn’t help a lot to bring the flavor up, I felt like they masked the patty’s taste a little. Maybe if we got the double patty option (+€2,50), we could taste them more, but for that price, we expected an excellent burger by itself. Felipe’s alternative was tastier, but mainly because you can’t go wrong with gorgonzola.

Since all the reviews are mainly positive, we might have been there on a bad day though.

We also ordered some sweet potato fries (€ 3,50), and damn, they were the most delightful and crunchiest sweet potato fries I’ve ever had,  props for their mayo; it paired perfectly with the chips and was decadently good. The beer options were also charming with fair prices, our favorite Störtebeker was €2,50.

They have a 100% locally sourced free-range meat, which is impressive, but they should let it shine more, like our last month favorite: Hamburg Rotterdam. This was the first place that everything was written only in German, which shows how local it is.

So, if you want to check this place, I would say to order a double patty cheeseburger and ask for the sauces on the side, you will most likely enjoy their amazing mayo and taste the local meat a lot more, but that will also cost a bit more.


Richardstraße 108, 12043 Berlin

The cheeseburger is €6,50, sweet potato fries with mayo are € 3,50, and the amazing Störtebeker beer is €2,50.

If you like sweet potato fries and mayo, this is the place for you. Don’t expect much for the burgers, though, unless you make some alterations that might make them too expensive for what they are. This is not a place to spend much time as well, it is more the eat and go vibe.

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