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Reichen Burger: camembert sticks in Kreuzberg

This week of our peculiar #52weeksofburgers challenge, we go to Reichenberger Straße and munch at Reichen Burger. We were, once again, not wanting to go so far, so we found this place that we never heard before, and it was a big “why not?”.
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This one would also make a lot of points in the Berliner burger shop bingo. Loud hip hop playing, the menu is on a blackboard behind the counter, everything kind of street style, order and get it by the counter, you know the deal… The people were super friendly to us, and the place is a bit bigger than usual, with a couple of tables inside and outside.

Felipe ordered the Chili-Burger (€5,90) with a 150g patty, homemade chili sauce, pickles, onions, lettuce, tomato, and jalapenos. This was surprisingly nice, very spicy, the bread was nicely toasted but the meat, once again, was the problem. Very stiff, overworked beef, in a very thinly formed patty, but at least it was nicely seasoned.

I got the classic Cheeseburger (€5,50) with the same patty, ketchup, honey mustard mayo, pickles, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and cheddar. This was also nice, and it’s a shame that the meat was not that great since both burgers would be honestly awesome if so.As for sides, we got the Sweet Potato Fries (€4,00); honest and straightforward fries, nothing to complain about, and the Camembert Sticks (€3,50); amazingly melty pieces of camembert with a sweet jam on the side, this was awesome, and I would eat it right now if I could! They have no alcohol here, and the soft drinks are around €2,50.

Overall, compared to the sea of terrible burgers, this was clearly above average. The meat is the weak spot here, but I believe we would come back if we were hungry for burgers (and camembert sticks) and in the area, but I wouldn’t move too much to eat there. We rate it a 6/10.


Reichenberger Str. 54, 10999 Berlin
www.reichen-burger.deThe Chili Burger was €5,90, the Camembert Sticks were €3,50 and the soft drinks are around €2,50.

If you want an excellent cheap burger and happen to be around the area, this is the place for you. It is not the best meat we ever ate in a burger, but the ingredients were beautiful and fresh, and the sides are the bomb!

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Camila Irala

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