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Rebel Room: delicious burgers in Wedding

This week we visit the Rebel Room in Wedding to indulge ourselves in another week of the #52weeksofburgers challenge! Since this whole thing started, we checked with our friends what would be the best places to eat around Berlin, and the amazing couple that runs Canal Alemanizando told us about this place we have never heard before called Rebel Room.

This is a small outdoor burger shop in Seestraße, order by the window, they call your order number, and you eat happily ever after in one of the seats in front of the shop.

Felipe ordered the Chili-Cheese Burger (€7) with an extra patty and halloumi (+€2,5 and €2), and that comes with tortillas, jalapeños, chilli, cheese, onions, salad, and the homemade Rebel sauce. This was great, quite tasty and meaty and I love a good jalapeño in my burger. I, on the other hand, ordered the Blue Cheese Burger (€8) with arugula, onions, walnuts, blue cheese, pickles, and the Rebel sauce.

This was very nice as well, I love how it tasted like blue cheese, and the walnuts are such a good compliment texture and flavour wise. I liked the quality of the buns and the meat as well, they were not the best but they were quite fresh and pleasant, and apparently, they grill the meat in an open fire, although it didn’t impact the taste as much as one can imagine.
We also ordered some Twisted Fries with Rebel sauce (€ 3 dip included), and some Onion Rings (€3,50 no dip), both of these were quite freshly fried and crunchy, and the sauce is their view of a hamburger sauce, but unique. They have a lot of drink options (most of them are €2,50), but this time we got our drinks beforehand on the closest Spät.

Overall, this is a lovely place to go on a beautiful day, to enjoy the world outside and have a sweet snack. Even being kind of an outdoor shop they have bathrooms. This was an outstanding value for money, and if you are hungry around Wedding, I would recommend it, but keep in mind all the seats are outdoor, so if you come in bad weather you might want to take away! We rate this a 7.5/10.


Seestraße 93, 13347 Berlin
The yummy Blue Cheese Burger is €8,00, the Onion rings are €3,50, and the drinks are €2,50.
If you are hungry around Wedding on a beautiful day, this place is for you. This place has nice burgers, good prices, crunchy sides, and cheap drinks. But keep in mind there are only outdoor seats!

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