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Kumpel & Keule: simply amazing burgers in Kreuzberg

This week of the #52weeksofburgers Fotostrasse ventures to Markethalle Neun in Kreuzberg to eat (almost) straight from the cow at Kumpel & Keule, a butcher shop dedicated to bringing back the art of butchery. There you will find beautifully dry-aged meat and homemade sausages, this sounds kind of pretentious and very hipster-like, but as we found out, they do it pretty fucking well.

We got there on a Thursday afternoon, one of the days they serve the lovely burgers straight out a window of the stall. They have only one choice of burgers, and for me, that sounded amazingly promising.

We had the burger of the day (€8); bread from the Sironi bakery that is a few stalls away, the fantastic dry-aged patty they make themselves, the cheese was the strong tasting Deichkäse, lamb’s lettuce, oxheart tomato, homemade sauce and we ordered extra bacon (+€ 1,5), made by them, of course. The meat was super juicy and tasty, perfectly well seasoned, the bacon was fantastic.

And it didn’t taste like fake smoke, the salad gives a delicate balance, the sauce was delicious but far from overwhelming, and the bread was sturdy and tasty.

After nine months of burger-eating madness, I thought I was starting to hate them… But after the first bite, I remembered that burgers could be so goddamn awesome! This is the classic case of a simple burger with fantastic ingredients, and that shouldn’t be so hard to find.

The place sells only soft drinks, but you can get beers, drinks, sides, and desserts in other stalls. They also don’t open every day and close early, so check the market’s website for more info. We highly recommend this place and rate it a 9/10.


Eisenbahnstraße 42-43, 10997 Berlin

The burger was €8, plus €1,50 for bacon.

If you want to have a fantastic burger, this is for you. All the ingredients are of high quality and delicious, and everything is done beautifully. We highly recommend this place, but keep in mind it is not a restaurant.

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