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Burgermeister: Huge Queues in Schlesisches Tor

This week for our #52weeksofburgers Fotostrasse explores one of the most famous burger places in Berlin; Burgermeister. This little burger venue under a bridge is legendary mostly because it is situated inside an old public toilet, and because of the enormous lines of hungry tourists that form by it.

The place is definitely not your everyday one, on most times you will wait in line for at least half an hour, order what you want and maybe wait for your burger for more 20 minutes or more. There are no seats, just funky tubes with a bit of padding, and not so many so you might need to fight for them, we were lucky to get a corner in a standing table with other people.

The menu is compact, eight burgers types, one of them being vegetarian, fries with three options of combo toppings, and a few drinks. Comfort is clearly not the goal, but we came for the burgers, how are they?

Felipe ordered the Meister Aller Klassen (€7,90) with double cheese and double patties, bacon, jalapeños, and barbecue sauce. I ordered the Hausmeister (€5,30) with cheese, bacon, and fried champignons.

Oh well, I’ll have to admit both were super delicious. The fact that there is always a lot of people buying them helps because everything is very very fresh, but it is not only that, it is very well made and the flavors are great, everything is well seasoned with a bit of a fast-food vibe. The only big downside for us is that they are kind of on the small side, so after waiting for one hour to eat, you will be hungrier than you started, I wish I had ordered two burgers, and that never happens.

We also got the Bacon Cheese Fries (€ 4,10) they were too small but super tasty. They sell beers, but we just drank a few Sternburgs (€0,9) from the Spätkauf across the street because why not.

Overall, they make better burgers than most at this price range, a bit on the small side. The real turn off is the line, for us, it isn’t worth it for sure. We are still going to try the other place they have to see if it is as good without that ridiculous line and for those who want to try it anyway, go very early or after 11 pm. We rate it an 8/10.


U1 Schlesisches Tor, Oberbaumstraße 8, 10997 Berlin

The Hausmeister was €5,30, the Bacon Cheese Fries were €4,10 and the beer was €2,20 (330ml).

If you want a proper tasty burger and don’t care about a smaller size, nor a huge line, this place is for you. The burgers are on the cheaper side and delicious, keep in mind it might be an excellent place for a late meal since there are not that many lines after 11 pm and the site stays open late.

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