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Zsa Zsa Burger: Great Burgers and Drinks in Schöneberg

On the corner of Motzstraße, surrounded by fetish stores in Schoneberg, you will find the burger of the week: Zsa Zsa Burger. We decided to visit this place since it was one of Felipe’s favorites; it seemed cozy enough for the stormy winter we are having in Berlin, and well, what a fantastic choice.

Zsa Zsa Burger is what I would describe as a grown-up burger place. It is beautifully decorated without overdoing it, the menu focuses on high-quality ingredients, and the service is very good. The music was nice, and the place was inviting to stay for a while, chat, and have a few drinks.

We arrived there on a Saturday around 6 pm, and we were fortunate to get a seat at the bar since it was full of reserved tables. The bar is spacious enough that we could eat fine, so it’s not a huge problem, but it’s not as comfy as a table, so make a reservation if you want more than a quick bite.

They have many burger options here; they all sound delicious and come with a 200gr patty; you can choose between whole wheat bread or sourdough. With the help of the staff, I decided on the Bronx Burger (€13,10); sourdough bun, Swiss raclette cheese, and sautéed mushrooms.

Damn, this was the hell of a delicious burger; everything was so well seasoned and balanced, the patty was very meaty and savory, the mushrooms were a treat, and the cheese was all the flavor you could expect from a raclette cheese. The burger held so well together since the sourdough bun was firmer than usual, and you could taste that they probably toasted it on the grill before putting it all together.

Our friends got the special of the day called Milanese, an Italian-inspired one with pesto and deliciousness, the Kentucky burger (€14,90) with Bourbon marinated beef, roasted peppers, and raclette cheese, the Tijuana burger (€13,00), a vegetarian one with black beans, corn, guacamole, red onions, chili, coriander, and salsa. They were all delicious; we were always happy to see vegan and vegetarian options.

The prices seem quite high, but the burgers are significant, and they all come with a side of delicious fries, fresh coleslaw, and a nice little salad, so you get your money’s worth.

This, my friends, is a 9/10 burger for sure. We were really impressed by the quality of the ingredients, and it only adds to the grown-up vibe of this place.

If you are into drinks, they have a great variety of originals and classics, got the Deep Purple (€8,5), and it was delicious! For beer lovers, this is not the place you will have too much to choose from, but there are still a few.

We loved our evening here, and by all the returning customers greeting the staff and the number of reserved tables, we knew we were not alone in that. Service was fast, and the staff was super nice.

Zsa Zsa Burger in Schöneberg

28 Motzstraße, 10777 Berlin

Price range?

The amazing Bronx Burger with sides is €13,10, and drinks like the Deep Purple were around € 8.

Who will like this place?

If you enjoy high-quality ingredients, drinks, and a place to relax and chat, this is for you. Just make reservations.

Camila Irala

Camila Irala

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