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Burgermeister Kottbusser Tor: as good as the other one?

This week for the #52weeksofburgers challenge, Fotostrasse munches around Kottbusser Tor at the famous Burgermeister. A few weeks ago, we went to the most famous burger place in Berlin, the Burgermeister at Schlesisches Tor, and we wanted to find out if their other venues are as delicious as that one.
So we headed our way there on a Wednesday night, the place was very crowded, the music was super loud, and the guy at the counter seemed more worried about the orders that were coming out than with what we were ordering. It is a big venue, but we still had to fight our way to sit somewhere, and they try to keep the same vibe as the original place with the pipes instead of benches in a few tables, so nobody gets too comfy.

Felipe ordered the Meister Aller Klassen (€ 7,90) with double patties, double cheese, bacon, jalapeños, and barbecue sauce. This was a very decent burger, the meat was juicy, the barbecue was not overwhelming, and the jalapeños made it a bit more interesting. I ordered the Hausmeister (€ 5,30) with a patty, cheese, champignons, and bacon, but in the middle of the way, we noticed they got my burger wrong, and it was a regular Cheeseburger (€4,90), with a standard patty, salad, and cheese. This burger tasted exactly like the Whopper from Burger King. This can be a good thing or a bad thing for you, for me it felt a bit too artificial, and my patty was super dry.

I also got the Bacon Cheese Fries (€4,10) with cheese sauce, bacon, and fried onions. This was delicious, but be aware it is a very salty concoction; there was also a weird piece of something in the middle that might have been an onion peel or a portion of plastic. Felipe ordered the Chili Cheese Fries (€4,10) with cheese sauce, chili con carne and jalapeños. This was weirdly seasoned with something like a Chinese 5 spice. And that is not a typical taste for a chili con carne, we were a bit weirded out but it wasn’t bad, just very unusual. We drank an Afri Cola (€1,70) and a beer (€2,20).

We did not complain about the wrong burger and the weird thing in the fries because it was way too crowded, and we were way too tired. But I regret not doing so since thinking about it now, the entire meal seamed a bit too sloppy.

Overall, this is not a place I would go to unless I were drunk around the area. It is a lovely meal for a bunch of friends that had a bit too many drinks and want to avoid a massive hungover without spending too much money. Still, it is definitely not a place to leave the house as a destination since it feels a lot like your American branch fast food.

Their other venue was way tastier, and you could feel everything was done with more care. We rate this one a 6/10.


Skalitzer Str. 136, 10999 Berlin
www.burger-meister.deThe Meister Aller Klassen was €7,90, the Bacon Cheese Fries were €4,10, and the beer was €2,20 for 330ml.If you want a tasty and cheap burger after a night out, this is for you. But keep in mind it feels a lot like your regular fast food, so it might not be a place to plan your eating night out.

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