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Der Vegetarische Metzger: the best non-meats ever

Have you ever imagined how a vegetarian butcher shop would look like? This week we continue our vegetarian/vegan month and explore the surprising Der Vegetarische Metzger for the #52weeksofburgers challenge!

The idea of Der Vegetarische Metzger (The Vegetarian Butcher in English) was always kind of funny for us and all of our friends, we would ever wonder if this was a super pretentious thing or if it was just a light-hearted joke, so we went to check it out by ourselves!

We arrived at Der Vegetarische Metzger on a super rainy Saturday afternoon, the store is lovely decorated, and there were a few customers there already eating some pretty good looking stuff and some classical music playing. They have a little showcase with the vegan and vegetarian items they produce, and a few fake stuffed pillows in the shape of sausages and such (from this amazing shop called Aufschnitt) mimicking the classic butcher shop showcases we have in Germany.

Now it is time to eat, the place has both vegan and vegetarian options. And you can have the menu that includes fries, a dip, and a soft drink if you want to be practical. You order and pay by the counter, and they bring the food to your table. I was super overwhelmed and confused, and the staff was super cute anyway.

I got the vegan Crispy Chicken (€6,9) with lettuce, tomato, red onion, veganaise (vegan mayo), guacamole, ketchup and a breaded and fried “chicken” bit (made with soy). It is simply delicious! The taste and texture are very similar to real chicken, and the breading was perfectly crunchy, what elevated the composition of the whole thing to an excellent level!

Felipe ordered the Bergburger (€7,90) with lettuce, tomato, red onion, veganaise (vegan mayo), ketchup, double MC2 burger patties (it is mostly made of soy) and double cheese. I had a problem with this one because for me it tasted too much like a soy patty, but Felipe and Rodrigo that ordered it didn’t care about that and loved it as much as I loved the “chicken” one!

We also ordered sweet potato fries (€4,2) that were super crunchy and delicious, a bunch of dips (€1 each) and the vegetarian special plate for 2 (€15) that came with fantastic chili cheese fries (€5,5 if you want to try them by themselves), mini meatballs, croquettes and many dips, our favorites being the spicy and the aioli ones. Everything was delicious, but our award goes for both of the fries! To drink they have very lovely BRLO beers (€3,50) and many many soft drinks, coffee, wine, and smoothies, so there’s something for everyone.

Overall, this was a great experience, the place looks great, the staff is friendly, the food was fantastic, super filling and the drinks are reasonably priced; we give it an 8/10. Der Vegetarische Metzger is a place where you can sit, enjoy and maybe take some non-meats home with you.


Bergmannstraße 1, 10961 Berlin

The Crispy Chicken was €6,90, the BRLO beer was €3,50, and the chili cheese fries were €5,50.

If you enjoy cozy places, nice and fairly priced vegetarian/vegan food and being able to take what you enjoy the most home, this place is for you. This is a very well rounded place and everybody left with full bellies and happy faces.

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Camila Irala

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