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Mixtape Burger: come for the bagels, stay for the meat

North of Tiergarten is Moabit, a lovely neighborhood surrounded by the canals, and this is where Mixtape Burger is.

Mixtape Burger stands out by the use of bagels instead of your usual burger bun, so there we went in a lovely sunny Sunday to see what is it all about. Our third place in our 52 Weeks of Burgers!


Besides the whole bagel thing, Mixtape Burger stands out by the different combinations of meat and sauces. On one side you have the West Coast menu; 100% beef patties and a sweeter cocktail-barbecue sauce and on the other side (well, literally) we have the East Coast menu: 90% beef and 10% lamb, with a refreshing yogurt-honey-mustard based sauce.

From the East Coast I got the ‘Step into a World’ (€8,00), and from the West Coast, Felipe got the ‘I got 5 on it’ (€7,50), both had salad, bacon, cheese, and egg. Our friends got the ‘Try Again’ burger (€7,00) with salad, cheese and jalapeños, and the Hypnotize (€6,50) one of the two vegetarian options here, with halloumi. The burgers were delicious, the combination of different meats and sauces makes a considerable difference between both of them, they definitely are the star of this place. The beef-lamb combo has a very Oriental taste, quite unusual but works quite well. The bagels almost seem more like a novelty, even though they are very sturdy by nature and contain the ingredients pretty well and make this not the messiest burger to eat.

We would rate these burgers an 8.5/10.

They have a lot of fries to choose from; sweet potato, curly, hot cheese, and regular ones with many topping options as well. We got regular fries (€ 2,50) that were basic but excellent, hot cheese fries (€3,00) with a spicy cheese sauce on top, that get mushy as time goes by  (but still delicious) and curly fries (€ 3,50) with mayo and this were by far my favorites. They are super crunchy and the sauce is on point.

They also have breakfast specials and one special burger every month that you can check on their facebook page. The whole mixture of the traditional Yiddish bagel, the Oriental spices, and burgers makes much more sense when you learn that they are a part of a project called Coexist, that promotes intercultural dialogue, and if you are interested in more information, get in touch with them.

We want to come back when it’s warm and enjoy these beautiful burgers on the outside tables.



Kirchstraße 2, 10557 Berlin


The ‘Step Into a World’ burger was €8,00, curly fries were €3,50.


If you are into hip hop and burgers, this is the place for you. Burgers are big at a fair price, the East Coast ones have a nice flavor twist, and the neighborhood is very lovely to walk around while you digest your lovely meal.

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